Conference Organizer


So many people at one place. Not only are common men but also respectable and big heads of the society, high-ranking officers, corporate managers, educationalists etc. Feeling nervous how to organize the event, sitting arrangement, snacks and full menu?

With SFEO team with your side you don’t have to worry at all. We do understand the importance of each and every event and carries out the event with a constructive planning. We have experts in this profession who carries out the tasks with ease such as Security guards, Giving warm welcome to delegates and dignitaries, snacks counter, buffet type menu, experienced electricians for checking out the sound boxes, auditorium proper lighting, proper disposal of wastage, backup power supply, adequate supply of mineral water, auditorium / conference room decoration, Projector display, white boards etc.

With such a huge arrangement and a highly experienced SFEO team with your side you can rest assure everything falls in place to make the event an important one.

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