Rice Eating Ceremony


Rice eating ceremony is one the three most important events in the life of an average Indian, second, maybe only to a wedding. Though the baby is unaware of the event, for the parent, it really is an uphill task to ensure everything goes well, especially since taking care of a 6 month child usually takes most of their time anyway.

Do you wish to enjoy with your friends and relatives or be overwhelmed by tasks aimed at making your guests feel welcome all the time?

With relatives coming over and giving their blessings and well wishes, it’s really a hectic and long schedule for the baby as well as the parents. Most of the time parents don’t get to enjoy that special day, and have to relive the day through photographs rather than tension free memories.

This is where the SFEO team can come to your help by taking care of all the small yet important things like serving the guests with snacks, helping with the details of the ritual, o getting experienced chefs to take care of the food, electricians to take care of the lighting, decorators, security, disposal of the wastage, etc.

Just call us or fill out the form so that the SFEO team can reach out to you and take care of your every need.

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